(NEWS) Seminar in Čeljabinsk
Our company took participation in the seminar holded by „Ural Engineering Centre /UEI/ “ in Čeljabinsk from 24 to 25.03.2010. From the organizer and also from individual participants from the whole Russian Federation we heard the round of inspiring talks.

Especially were there discussed reconstructions and renovations carried out by UEI based on own projects and realized with the aid of own production. Further there were presentations relating to the new technologies of surface spraying, presentations from Romanian companies producing the test blocks to pressurize the pipeline targeted the Indic market.

Our company introduced particulary its production programme with the intention of the plunger pumps intended for the metallurgical industry. The presentation met with an active interest, at the close raised plenty of queries regarding to our possibilities to replace obsolete pumps G305 by our Sigma Pumps in accumulation stations.

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