flow rate min. : 7.50  (l/sec)
      flow rate max. : 33.40  (l/sec)
      pressure min. : 0.00  (bar)
      pressure max. : -0.70  (bar)
      output max. : 5.50  (kW)
      temperature of liquid : 15  (°C)
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Evacuation stations are designed for the securing of reliable waterworks pumps, suckers, or the other pumps operation by continously keeping them to be gaged which is reliably and fully automatic. Evacuation stations serves as preventing against running or the pumps dry run both at the pumps with continous operation (industrial pumping devices) so in intermittent one (pumping waterworks stations) or in a quiet and stanby (the fire pumps). According to the level of monitoring in evacuation station we supply evacuation stations as the electrode ones or the float ones. Evacuation station represents the standard unit designed for evacuation one or more waterworks pumps which pump from the same common water source.

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